"The Fall of the Chosen People"

The following was inscribed on a massive stone monument at the center of Chigos.

The Speaker will step forward and attempt to make peace,
once he meets the False Heroes he’ll soon be deceased

The Defenders appear but awareness they lack,
at The Great Father’s death there is no turning back

The Collector places magic that no one can see,
the truth of these actions could keep innocents free

A raven leads to The Mountain’s great stand,
he meets The False Heroes with weapon in hand

The Mountain without thought then plays a large part,
as The Burned descends and cuts through the heart

The Contract is ready and The Caller begins,
as the monsters from nowhere devour the sinned

The Collector bears witness to The False Heroes deeds,
but is often distracted by his own selfish needs

From darkness The Caller now leads from behind,
as The Collector sneaks forward to the front of the line

The Mountain trembles as metal meets skin,
The Defenders now realize the False Heroes will win

But the Faithful prays as the blood starts to fall,
as The Contract is signed with the ink in the walls

The Defenders have lost, the false heroes have won,
and the days of peace are finally done

In the blood of The Caller hope yet remains,
but the farther it moves opportunity wanes

"The Fall of the Chosen People"

The Story of Chigos Renlar