Merchants Guild

The Merchants guild is a massive corporation of merchants that have pooled their resources over time and established trading posts in major towns and cities. Through training and experience, people have joined the ranks of the Merchants Guide in an attempt to generate enormous wealth.

The Merchants Guild generates a majority of their income by exploiting trade routes, buying low and selling high, but most of all through their operation fees. As the Merchants Guild has become such an essential part of any large city or port, they bill the local ruler a monthly fee. While this costs a considerable amount of money, it also frees up a lot of potential workers for hard labor, military efforts, or any number of other jobs.

Once players have decided to sell an item they can head to the local merchant’s guide and make a bartering check. A bartering check measures a player’s ability to haggle a price by combining their ranks in Diplomacy, Charisma, renown, and roleplaying ability into a single check.


  • Diplomacy: Standard character skill
  • Charisma: Standard attribute that is added to Diplomacy checks
  • Renown: This represents the level of fame associated with the player. Similar to standard “reputations”, renown will increase positively as levels players complete quests and adventures for relevant NPCs. However, if the players perform evil acts, or are more infamous than famous, then the level of Renown will suffer negatively.


50 + D20 + Ranks + CHA + Renown Level


The result of the bartering check results in the percentage of the item’s cost that the merchant is willing to pay.

  • 00-25: The merchant is willing to work with you, but only because he sees the value in legally stealing from you.
  • 26-50: The merchant recognizes that you don’t really have a choice in who you are dealing with, and is willing to give you some money for your valuables
  • 51-75: The merchant respects you and is willing to give you a fair price for your goods
  • 76+: The merchant really wants to work with you and is willing to pay for it.

Bartering Process

  1. → Player finds item
  2. → Player decides to sell item
  3. → Player travels to Merchants Guide post
  4. → Player makes barter check
  5. → Player sells the item

If the player decides that they are unhappy with the sell price they can walk away and try and sell the item in another city or at a later date (price remains the same for one week)

Merchants Guild

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