The Story of Chigos

Prophecy and the Priest
Stories from old men, and old men full of stories...


Session #2 – Notes

  • Shit got real!
  • Experience
    • Guard Encounter 3,350 XP
    • Rat Encounter 1,215 XP
    • Zombie Encounter 4,725 XP
    • RP Bonuses ???
The beginning...

As adventurers you have been a semi-close group of “friends” for the past several months. You joined forces in the spring to eliminate a goblin threat with moderate success, and have since found a few jobs here and there that have kept you afloat.

Since most of the people in the town of Fergos know you fairly well by now, there isn’t much left to do that hasn’t already been done. You prevented a local gang from collecting “protection fees”, you saved a farm from a pack of starving wolves, and you’ve stepped in to dissolve a few drunken fights. Everything has been pretty quiet since the leaves started to change colors last month. In fact you’ve spent the last several weeks looking for work with limited success.

Lucky for you, but unluckily for the villagers of Chigos, you recently heard a rumor that bandits have started raiding the farmland up north, stealing from storehouses, and abducting men from their homes. As Chigos gets a considerable amount of snow, you expect that much of the stolen food was intended to help them survive the winter. Sensing a grand opportunity, you pooled your resources and embarked on a journey up north.

Not knowing what you will find, you have purchased several casks of ale, along with sacks of grain, and several spare blankets. After acquiring your trade goods, you purchased two horses and a wagon and prepared to leave Fergos. With any luck the food you acquired can be traded for gems and precious metals(Chigos’ main exports involve minerals found during their extensive mining operations), but at the very least you should be able to buy enough good favor to help you find work quickly.

It has been a fortnight since you left Fergos and the weather has been favorable if a little cold. You have yet to encounter any hostile creatures along the lightly wooded trail. As the last leg of your trip comes to an end, you begin to consider that the rumors of bandits may be just that, rumors. Hours pass and the forest begins to grow more and more dense. As you start to round a long curve in the trail, the horses begin to act a little skittish. You realize that they have caught a strange sent coming from the hill ahead of you, and as you begin to slow the wagon you notice three armed men blocking the road off in the distance.

You can’t see their faces, but something tells you that they’re not wearing those masks for fun…

Session #0 – Notes


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